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Fais dodo dans un bayou de la Louisiane

''Nous sommes les opossums musiciens'' is a collection of six picture books that explore different musical genres (Cajun, jazz, country, rock'n'roll, blues and traditional French-Canadian).

The series centers around a couple of nomadic possums telling stories from their youth to their grandkids. The format is somewhat of a hybrid between a classic picture book and a comic book.


Each is accompanied by its own soundtrack.

''Fais dodo dans un bayou de la Louisiane'' is the first title from the collection.


Below are my color keys for the book, rough color paintings that define the overall direction and mood for the story, after the sketches have been approved.


And here are some of my favourite spreads from the book.


Here is a little behind the scenes showing some of the process behind illustrating the book.

''Fais dodo dans un bayou de la Louisiane'' was published in Fall 2022 and is currently available in French everywhere in Quebec.

An English translation is coming soon. Stay tuned!

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