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About Me

Hello! :)

I am a visual development artist and illustrator from Montreal, QC. My favourite things in the world are books, nature, exploring, petting dogs, good food and warm tea.

My passion lies in creating worlds that inspire wonder, magic and a desire for adventure to the child in all of us.


As a kid I grew up in the suburbs of Montreal, QC and spent most of my time exploring the forest and riverside that formed our backyard. Building cabins in the woods, chasing grasshoppers and butterflies, collecting wildflowers and observing squirrels and birds formed the tapestry of my earliest childhood memories.

My family took my little brother and I on many camping and fishing adventures and that nurtured my love for nature and wildlife, opening my eyes to the many wonders this world has to offer.

Reading, drawing and quiet observation were my weapons of choice in the human world, which often felt strange and scary to me as a kid. It still does sometimes.

With a background in traditional and digital animation, I've worked in many mediums over the years, and contributed to many projects big and small. I've have the chance to meet incredible, inspiring and talented people, and work with wonderful teams of artists.

Since January 2019, I offer my freelance services in Visual Development and Illustration to animation studios, publishers and other creative businesses.

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